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We offer a personalized service, also in the form of account management.

- Customized account management on a transparent trading platform

- A model of portfolio 'metals-supply-chains answering your level of acceptance of risks

- An in-house risk analysis taking into account the ESG aspects and a risk modelling.

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Our work

We provide deep analysis on selected stocks upon specific request or as part of portfolio monitoring
Targeting companies performing in the space of new materials and alloys. Metals involved: REE (Eu, Tb, Y, Ce, Gd, La); Niobium, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Tungsten, Manganese, Zirconium, Antimony, Rhenium, Scandium.
Targeting companies participating to the development of sustainable energy and energy storage. Metals involved: Rare Earth (La, Ce, Nd, Pr, Y); Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, Lead, Gallium, Indium, Carbon (graphite), Vanadium.
Targeting companie active in the development of Electric Vehicles, batteries and super capacitors. Metals involved: Rare Earths (Nd, Pr, Dy, Tb, Sm); Titanium, Lithium, Cobalt, Carbon (graphite), Nickel.
Targeting companies active in the space of new high tech developments (semi-conductors, chips, micro capacitors and electronics...) Metals involved: Gallium, Tantalum, Germanium, Hafnium, Indium; Rare Earths (Nd, Y, Dy, Tb)
'Metals and trends' is a newsletter focused on price evolution of critical metals.
An on going project with the development of a smart GIS database.