/Base Metals
The base metals have a variety of applications in almost every industry.

Base metals are recognized by investors as a great precursor for signaling economic growth.

Copper is used in a wide variety of products including wires, pipes, construction projects, heating and cooling systems.

LEAD (Pb) Figures

Lead is used in construction projects and batteries.

ZINC (Zn) Figures

Zinc is used to produce batteries, fuel cells, die castings and making brass. .

TIN (Sn) Figures

Tin is used to coat a number of products, including cans, containers and packages. .

Base metals prices

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Upward Drivers

► Infrastructures, Real Estate

► Automotive market; HEV

► Batteries, fuel cells

 Risks & Uncertainties

► Glencore output strategy   

► Variation in new production and refining capacity  

► Partial ban on nickel ore exports in Indonesia